Mares offers an extensive array of products acknowledged for their superior quality, high-functionality, ergonomic design and ingenious engineering: high-performing regulators, stylish and durable masks, versatile buoyancy compensators, reliable dive computers and more innovative products.

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The range of high-performing regulators uphold Mares’ tradition of excellence for great design and engineering.

Mares has been known for producing high-grade masks for all ranges; scuba diving, snorkeling, freediving.

Mares’ versatile range of high-quality buoyancy compensators built for comfort, convenience, and durability.

Mares holds a vast range of dive computers that will perfectly match every diver's requirements.

Mares snorkels are carefully engineered and intricately crafted for maximum flexibility, durability, and safety.

Mares provides a wide array of intricately crafted bags made for travel -- allowing convenience, protection, and unmatched style.

Mares fins are ergonomically designed with unique and detailed construction for durability, comfort, and style.

Mares Wetsuits are fortified by positive characteristics plus prestigious refinements that will only provide the best performance.

Mares offers a great variation of ingeniously designed and ergonomically constructed booties for any watersports.

Mares offers a great array of highly competent gloves that features ultra resistance, maximum dexterity, and supreme grip.

Mares has created a wide variety of powerful torches skillfully engineered to light up every diving trip.

Every Mares knife is carefully crafted for specific purposes. They also come with a ergonomic handle for handling comfort and convenience.

Mares has a great lineup of ergonomically designed rashguards for every water condition, and all type of water sports.

Mares produces a range of highly functional Surface Marker Buoys that are perfectly practical for every scuba diving session.

Part of the wetsuit specialization of Mares, it also offers reliable hoods best for divers who care for protection, comfort, and warmth.

Mares has an intensive range of accessories, from mask straps, to weight pockets, to fin straps, and a lot more essential add-ons.